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Light Chiropractic

Singapore's established Chiropractic Clinic

Best Chiropractor in Singapore with 16 years experience on treating slipped disc, low back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder aches, numbness and tingling.  Providing top level Upper Cervical Chiropractic care and Full Spine.


Voted best Chiropractor in Singapore

Light Chiropractic is at the forefront of the wellness revolution. It's why we are highly recommended and continuously awarded one of the best chiropractors in Singapore. We adhere to the simple yet powerful message that healing comes from the inside out. Through professional chiropractic treatment we enhance your body’s innate ability to heal.  Postponing treatment of areas in pain, like the neck and back, might lead to injury, immobility and permanent damage. But gentle, personalized chiropractic adjustments applied by our licensed chiropractor Dr. Theo can relieve you pain safely today.

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How Can Chiropractic Help You?

Our chiropractic treatment provides many benefits, helping to heal your entire body physically, mentally and spiritually. We reduce the pain of injuries in overused tissue by gently adjusting the spine joints and suppling blood to malfunctioning organs, caused by blockages.

Good chiropractors can provide relief to their patients' ligaments and tendons by treating joints, bones and muscles. A patient's mobility is then increased by recovering the damage caused by sudden traumas and repetitive movements.

Through chiropractic care, not only is back and neck pain alleviated, but also shoulder, arm, leg, headache, intestinal and digestive problems, discopathy, slipped disc, sciatica, postural defects, joint degeneration, ear infections and baby colic syndromes. Treatment can also provide relief for problems such as poor sleep, allergies, asthma, dizziness, migraines, numbness, tingling, urinary incontinence and shortness of breath. Overall chiropractic treatment heals the body naturally by relaxing the nerves that affect almost the entire body.

Chiropractic Treatments We Offer

Here are several of the many treatments we provide at our chiropractic clinic in Singapore.



Persistent headaches that affect quality of life are not normal. This includes nausea, migraines, throbbing, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness and blurred vision. Relieve headaches and migraines in a few sessions with our chiropractic treatment.

Treat Your Headaches >


Pregnancy Care

Weight gain during pregnancy may put pressure on the low back, causing pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, leg, waist and hips. Our safe, painless chiropractic care helps women have a healthy pregnancy and cesarean delivery.

Enjoy Pregnancy Chiropractic >

Neck Chiropractic Treatment on Singapore Woman

Shoulder Pain

Long sitting hours, accidents and compression of nerves are some causes of shoulder pain. Chiropractic treatment offers a non-surgical solution for patients.

Treat Shoulder Pain >


Back Pain

Accidents, inactivity, poor posture and overwork cause low back pain. Chiropractic treatment can eliminate the need for back surgery and reduce medication use.

Back Pain Treatment >


Joints Pain

Old age, weight problems, overuse, injuries, and family history can cause knee pain. Chiropractic medicine can be a safe solution for knee pain.

Reduce Knee Pain >


Sports Injuries

Excessive training, repetition, not warming up, and poor technique cause sprains, fractures, dislocations and inflammation. Reduce sports injuries with our chiropractic therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment has many benefits for the patient, these are:

Relief of Muscle Spasm

With chiropractic treatment, tight muscles can be relaxed and relaxed muscles can be tightened.

Joint Mobility

Joint pain and inactivity may become serious as growing older. Chiropractic treatment can reduce pain and increase the ability to move by gaining flexibility in the joints.

Pain Reduction

Chiropractic treatment helps to reduce pain in the lower back, neck, and head which are caused due to nerve blockage.

What to Expect During Your First Chiropractic Session?

Below is what occurs during a typical initial visit to our Chiropractic clinic in Singapore.


When a patient arrives at the clinic for the first time, our chiropractor will ask questions to understand the location of the pain, the intensity of the pain and the patient's clinical history. Your answers will help determine where treatment will focus. Next, the doctor might examine the spine to diagnose the problem and examine the patient's muscle tone, vertebrae, and limb length. We do not require X-Rays. After checking the patient's health status, Dr. Theo determines an appropriate treatment for your age and body structure.

Chiropractic Adjustments

We always offer treatment on your first visit. During your chiropractic adjustment, we roll, twist and push focus areas of your body. Since we adjust vertebral misalignment on the spine during these procedures, you may hear popping sounds. These chiropractic adjustments are applied painlessly, gently and quickly to maximum effect.

No Pain

Chiropractic treatment is not a painful method. Although patients may be anxious about getting chiropractic services, adjustments cause very little pain, and any feelings of discomfort disappear in a short time.

What We Treat During Your Session

Even though many people think that chiropractic therapy is only effective for back and neck pain, many physical disorders and illnesses can be healed during a single chiropractic treatment. During the session, pain in muscles, head, joints, weak digestive system, and many other problems can be relieved.

View a full list of the conditions we treat >

Chiropractic Adjustment Neck and Spine on Singapore Woman

How will I feel after chiropractic treatment?

The sensations and feelings felt after a chiropractic session vary from person to person. While some patients feel alive and relieved, some patients may feel a little pain and discomfort. But this entirely normal, and is part of your body's healing process. This pain starts within a few hours after treatment and ends within the first 24 hours. Applying a cold press to the area after chiropractic therapy quickly relieves pain. In short time, your body will feel better than ever.

How Many Chiropractic Sessions Will I Need?

The number of treatment sessions is determined by the size of the damage, the type of displacement of the vertebrae, the presence of dysfunction or structural defect. It is necessary to examine whether the disease is chronic or acute, and how long it has lasted. The number of sessions required to relieve nascent pain is less than the number of sessions required to relieve chronic pain.

Arm, Hand and Shoulder Chiropractic Treatment

Will I see improvements immediately?

Improvements after chiropractic adjustments vary depending on the severity of the pain, and whether it is chronic or not. Some patients, especially those getting treatment for neck pain, report feeling relief immediately after chiropractic adjustments, but recovery often takes time. The patient's recovery may also be affected by the patient's life habits and body mechanics. However, following the doctor's recommendations can accelerate the patient's improvement.

How much is chiropractic treatment?

Our prices range from $60 to $225 per session. Some chiropractors charge as little as $9 per session. However, beware of inexpensive clinics. These cheap chiropractors have little experience or accreditation, and as such can cause more harm than good. We determine our cost of treatment based on expertise, education, and experience.

Also beware of offices who suggest unnecessary sessions. At Light Chiropractic, we determine the number of sessions a patient will need during the consultation, and suggest the most suitable package accordingly.

Chiropractor Singapore Pricing >

Chiropractor Performing Spine Adjustment on Woman

Why Choose Us as Your Chiropractor?

We focus on healing from the inside out and providing lasting relief, not merely addressing short term pain. Most importantly, compared to other chiropractors in the area we have more experience and provide a higher quality of care. Our on-site licensed chiropractor is Dr. Theo Kieu, who has been working as a chiropractor in Singapore since 2008 and performed over 700,000 chiropractic adjustments.

Unlike many other clinics, we treat everyone. Because everyone deserves to feel their best. Dr. Theo Kieu has worked with many patients, from infants to pregnant women and the elders, and has healed their pain by determining the most appropriate treatment methods according to their ages, body types, clinical histories, and types of pain.

If you want to be rid of your pain quickly and without soreness, feel more alive and enhance your life energy, the choose our chiropractic clinic.

Meet Our Registered Chiropractor Dr. Theo

Dr Theo Kieu Singapore Chiropractor

Serving the public is his lifelong passion and commitment. Light Chiropractic gives him the opportunity to serve the highest good. In Singapore, he has performed over 700,000 adjustments since 2008, and continues his pursuit of mastering his craft.

Dr. Theo is honored and excited to be a part of people’s lives and their healing process. He is fully capable of serving clients from infancy to advanced age, and strives to show each client what is right with them instead of what is wrong with them.

Dr. Theo received his formal education in the United States, earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West in California.

Though he has finished his formal education and received his Ph. D., Dr. Theo has made it his lifelong commitment to continuing to learn and grow throughout his life. His love for educating and inspiring the public has led him to do numerous educational health talks, and been featured in the show “Find Me A Cure” which aired on Channel News Asia in February and March 2011. Using his formal education as a background, he continues to educate the public in matters of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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