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A vast majority of people are unaware that the alignment of their body is off. One shoulder or hip higher than the other, a pigeon-toed gait, rotation of the torso, or hunch back are all indicators the spine may be misaligned and in need of chiropractic posture treatment.

How we move through the space that we live in, work in, and play in reflects on our nervous system. When an individual can create an amazing space inside themselves their lives begin to change.

In the video below, Dr. Theo Kieu explains the important role space and time play on our health. All adding up to the science of good posture.

Since you are not able to see behind you easily, a lot of subtle misalignments can go unnoticed. This may lower your level of health. If you suspect that your posture could be off or the way you walk (aka gait) is not ideal, we encourage you to get an assessment.