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Are You Suffering from Neck Pain?

You Are Not Alone


Neck pain can arise for any number of reasons, but the most common cause is often attributed to poor posture. Seated or rested in a hunched over position can strain the muscles of the neck and lead to discomfort. This is often seen in patients who are sitting at a desk for as long as eight or more hours each day, straining their neck to stare at a computer monitor. More individuals are spending longer hours in these uncomfortable positions and paying the price with chronic discomfort from aching neck muscles.

The neck is a sensitive area of the body, tasked with supporting the weight of the head while remaining completely flexible for full functionality of motion. Even the slightest injury or strain of a muscle can hinder that functionality. Consider some of the leading causes that may result in the development of neck pain:

Strained Muscles

A range of actions could lead to a strained muscle in the neck. Seated with a hunched over posture for extended periods of time along with resting in an awkward position placing undue pressure on the muscles can have the same effect. Even tense muscles can become painful over time, so stress is a leading cause of muscle strain.

Compressed Nerves

Individuals experiencing a herniated disc or a bone spur in the neck vertebrae can apply pressure to the nerves.

Neck injury

Whiplash-type of injuries can strain the soft tissues in the neck causing pain and soreness.

Since the neck is tasked with supporting the stability and movement of the head, it gets exposed to a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Even sleeping in the wrong position can make your neck sore and painful when you wake up. But chiropractic care can target the root cause behind the cause of neck pain and relieve the nagging symptoms impacting your quality of life.

At Light Chiropractic, we aim to help you live a pain-free existence through the use of holistic remedies centered around chiropractic care provided by our team of highly-skilled, accredited chiropractors. Many of our treatments are specifically designed to focus on treating neck conditions centered in the upper cervical spine and we are the only clinic in Singapore specializing in this type of care.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

There are many benefits to choosing chiropractic treatment for your addressing and preventing neck pain issues:

  • Increase range of movement
  • Relax the neck muscles and soft tissues
  • Relieve the pain associated with strained muscles
  • Improve blood circulation to the head

Certain injuries to the neck are unavoidable due to the circumstances in which they are sustained. An automobile accident or sports-related impact are some of the most common examples.

Some causes of neck pain are attributed to the habits of the individual including poor posture, grinding of the teeth while asleep or sleeping in awkward positions.

Among the most sensitive regions of the neck is the Upper Cervical Spine which has the greatest potential for injury and strain due to the increased levels of motion centered in this area.

Neck Pain Due to Injury

Chronic neck pain can often be due to a severe or an acute injury, often sustained by accident but may also come about from the actions of the individual both conscious and unwitting. A hard fall, a sports injury, or simply turning your neck too fast can be self-inflicted of your own accord. But there are also the bad habits you have developed that you may not be aware of, such as sleeping in the wrong position or using a pillow or pillows that are too high.

These injuries usually require time to heal but chiropractic can be a vital contributor to that healing as adjustments can promote realignment and support of the Upper Cervical Spine.

The Upper Cervical Spine

This part of the spine is made up of seven vertebrae that are equipped with a particular functionality of articulation designed to give the skull a wide range of movement. The top vertebrae works as a pivoting hinge upon which the skull is positioned. This uppermost section of the spinal column is an expertly-crafted network of bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves that is also extremely delicate as it contains the communication center that tells the brain to control various systems and components of the body.

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