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Chiropractic Treatment for Kids

Child receiving chiropractic care

Kids are facing all types of physical challenges. From as early as birth, a child's journey can become a rough and tumble adventure fraught with perils. Trauma experienced during childbirth, a fall as the infant learns how to walk upright, skinned knees, a spill from a bicycle, a trip and fall on the playground, a sports-related injury, you name it, these can all have a major impact on the child's physical well-being as he or she develops and matures.

But while your child is already facing the everyday perils that come with being a curious and rambunctious kid, he or she is also going through the natural developmental changes in the body that every growing child endures as part of life. So it's no wonder that children can suffer multiple misalignments and anomalies in their posture which can then affect other areas of the anatomy. These can all have a negative impact on healthy development of a child. You can't always keep them from running and chasing friends around at playtime but you can work to curb the effects of these impacts on the body and other health conditions that may impact their successful growth.

Chiropractic care is the solution. Starting a child on chiropractic care from a young age makes it a lot easier to correct misalignments in the spine because the skeleton and tissues are growing. They are still malleable enough to correct and fix the misalignments that can occur due to misadventure, hereditary abnormality, or health conditions that might emerge throughout the child's natural development.

Scoliosis is a perfect example of an abnormality in a child's development that could severely impact that child's growth and maturity.

Different child receiving chiropractic care

Symptoms of Misalignment

Since a child is always playing, exploring, and learning, they are often at a higher risk of sustained physical trauma. When a child falls down playing in the backyard, a seemingly innocuous bump may yield little more than a bruise or scrape on its own but many of them over time can start to have a significant impact on the alignment of the spine and tissue.

The result is often a body plagued with dysfunction evident in the common symptoms that are exhibited by children who are living with misalignments of the spine and surrounding muscles. These include:

  • Poor sleep
  • Asthma
  • Earaches
  • Pain and discomfort in the upper body
  • Dysfunction in the joints
  • Weaknesses in the immune system

How Chiropractic Care Helps a Child's Growth

The influence of chiropractic care on a child's physical and mental growth and development can have innumerable benefits. The earlier you get started, the more beneficial it can be as it not only makes adjustments easier to perform but the child feels more comfortable in the sessions.

Consider the following benefits of pediatric chiropractic care when introduced early:

Better Sleep

A child needs plenty of sleep and rest to help the body develop and heal. When the child is well rested, he or she has enough energy to take on the day and there is no moodiness or crankiness in the child's demeanor. But when the spine is out of alignment, good and restful sleep can be hard to come by no matter how early the child goes to bed. Poor spine alignment can make the muscles tense and that can be one of the primary hurdles to rest. Applying gentle chiropractic adjustments can make a world of difference in allowing a child to get the sleep he or she needs.

Better Behavior

Children who are dealing with elevated levels of stress can lash out because they don't know any other way to get rid of these feelings. Adults are already working through immense levels of stress in our daily lives, don't we want to prevent our children from wrestling with it for as long as possible? Chiropractic care can be a useful ally in reducing stress and helping kids live a richer, healthier, and more relaxed lifestyle. Just a few small adjustments can bring relaxation and calm to put your child in a good mood.

Better Brain Development

When the spine is not in proper alignment, learning and focus can be drastically impacted as well. Brain growth during the child's most formative years works to establish the neural development and put the child on a path of educational improvement. Chiropractic care will help to alleviate pressure on the spine due to poor alignment and improve the condition of the bones and joints to support positive neural development in young brains.

The routine use of safe and effective chiropractic adjustments can play a meaningful role in the improvement of a child's health and well-being. Watch this video to see how our resident chiropractic professional, Dr. Theo Kieu, conducts a chiropractic care session with a young patient - his own son.

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