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Light Chiropractic Review On Avoiding Swimming Injuries


It is common knowledge that a certain amount of physical activity is crucial for the body to remain active and charged. One form of activity that promises to deliver the best results and that people swear by is swimming. However, where swimming may have numerous benefits for the mind and body, it can sometimes leave people with injuries because it is quite a strenuous activity of all. The injuries or pain may occur in knees, legs and elbows, but it commonly takes place in the shoulders.

According to chiropractors, specific techniques can help the swimmers to tackle this issue. Read below to know more about which swimming techniques should be adopted to keep from causing ourselves injuries.

Use Strokes Which Are Spine-Friendly

Due to repetitive movements, while swimming, the muscles in your spine become stressed. If you are using butterfly or breaststroke, the chances are that they will cause your lower spine to bend backwards. On the other hand, freestyle and backstroke would not. You will need to experiment with different types of strokes to see which is causing you pain. Chiropractors suggest that if a particular stroke is causing you pain, then the swimmer should discontinue it in their routine.

Avoid Strokes with Sheer Force

There are many strokes, which may put pressure on your discs and lower back, resulting in serious injuries. Use strokes which will not cause a shear force to your sensitive body parts. However, if you put a mask and goggles in your routine, it would remove the occurrence of your lower back is arched while lifting up to take air. You would also need the help of a professional swimming coach to help align your shoulders with your hips.

Each Stroke Would Require a Different Technique

You would need to make sure that your particular choice of swimming stroke is performed with perfection. If you are attempting a backstroke, avoid rushing into it and instead, move about slowly. This is because the muscles along your front get fatigued if you do not perform this stroke regularly.

Similarly, if you are doing breaststrokes, gradually elevate your head and back to take air. During freestyle stroke, make sure not to move your head too much when going up for breaths.

Maintain a Proper Form

If your form is not correct, then you will face constant back pains. Seek advice from a swimming coach to help monitor your posture while you are swimming. He/she would be able to assist you better about what you are doing wrong and what changes you need to make in your routine. You can also use a board or a floatation device while you are swimming to help maintain a proper form.

Regular Visits to the Chiropractor

If you are a swimmer, then you need the support of a chiropractor regardless of having injuries or pains. Regular consultations with a chiropractor in Singapore can help release tension in your muscles and improve your health. You will become a great swimmer with minimal or no issues; once your chiropractor helps you get rid of back pain or muscle tension.

A swimmer can face injuries or back pain. However, with the following useful techniques, they can help focus on their swimming without worrying about the negative aspects.