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About Our Practice


Welcome to Light Chiropractic! At our practice we help you feel your best by tapping into the body's natural ability to heal through beneficial chiropractic care.

Servicing Singapore and the surrounding area, we provide a comfortable, safe and supportive environment, with the resources needed to feel, and heal better, today.

Led by our resident chiropractor Dr. Theo D. Kieu, we are dedicated to improving your health with non-invasive alternative methods beyond surgery and medication.


Chiropractor Treatment with Dr Theo Kieu at Light Chiropractic

Our Mission

Whether you are seeking general chiropractic care, rehabilitation, pain relief, improved athletic performance, or just want to boost your overall wellbeing, our goal is to help you get there.

The health model reinforced in our culture for so long has primarily focused on what is wrong with people. At Light Chiropractic we wish to remind you what is right in YOU.

Disease is merely an absence of health. Chances of illness will drop dramatically when your body is intelligently focused on restoring itself. Each of us has the power within to live our best lives. Our approach to holistic healing guides your body to its optimal wellbeing using its innate ability to heal.

Visit our practice and become a part of the health evolution that relies on the most celebrated doctor: YOUR BODY!

Our Office

Our practice is located inside the Clifford Centre at Singapore's historic Raffles Place. Our welcoming offices provide patients with high-quality care in tranquil surroundings so we can focus on what matters most: helping you feel better.

Corporate Talks

Want to promote healthy living in your place of work? We can help and will come to you to make it happen.

Our chiropractor Dr. Theo Kieu provides FREE corporate talks and services for businesses and their teams covering a wide variety of health issues related to everything from chiropractic to mental health. This includes specialized talks on meditation.

The meditation classes we offer can be used in corporate environments where individual(s) want to excel and improve their productivity. We strongly believe people that add value to their work place will benefit in both employee wellbeing and the bottom line. We offer tools to help individuals find success that will allow them to find wealth in any aspect of their lives.

For more information on how we can help your organization call us at +6563364063 or fill out the form on our contact page with as much detail as possible so we can let you know exactly how we can help.

Chiropractic History

D.D. Palmer - First To Officially Explore Chiropractic Methods

D.D Palmer


Through profound and simple observation, he noticed two people who were sitting next to each other, one sick and the other healthy. He asked himself,"Why isn't the first guy sick also? What is the real cause of disease?"

Palmer theorized that decreased nerve flow might be the cause of disease, and that misplaced spinal vertebrae might cause pressure on the nerves. Thus, he reasoned, if the spinal column were correctly positioned, the body would be healthy. D.D Palmer then studied a lot of Eastern philosophy and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concepts to look at the body holistically instead of mechanically. As a result, in 1895, he initiated chiropractic methods in Iowa. Shortly after his discovery, he started his school.

The concept that the body can be its doctor shook the medical community. Because of that Chiropractors were repeatedly thrown in jail and had to defend their beliefs.

D.D. Palmer's student and son, B.J. Palmer, assumed control of the Palmer School in 1906, and promoted professionalism and formal training in chiropractic, expanding enrolment to a peak of above 1,000 students in the early 1920s.


B.J. Palmer - D.D. Palmer's Student And Son.

B.J Palmer


B.J Palmer traveled extensively in the East to further his understanding of the laws of nature. His love
for science and his passion for philosophy helped him develop a model of health that is based on the laws of nature. Concepts such as Above Down Inside Out which means healing comes from inside out was promoted by BJ Palmer in his time.

The whole battle of man versus medicine finally ended in the 1950s and Chiropractors were given the right to practice. Today Chiropractic is the preferred method of treatment for all sorts of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions in North America.

Chiropractic has become a unique profession because there are science, philosophy, and art. The art is in the hands and skill of an individual, the philosophy talks about how powerful the body is, and the science explains us the natural mechanisms of healing inside the body. Any Chiropractor should never forget all of them equally important and.

The Chiropractor's job is to make your body the doctor. This method is meant to empower individuals. Chiropractic for B.J. Palmer was never about treating problems; it was always about embracing LIFE.