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Slipped or Herniated Disc


The spinal column is comprised of two major components - hard bone vertebrae and the soft pad-like discs positioned in between them. These discs are tasked with supporting the vertebrae and keeping them stabilized as the spine shifts and bends with your natural body movements.

A slipped or herniated disc can be very painful. This is a condition that occurs when one of those discs ruptures. A spinal disc is made of a soft, jelly-like material on the inside with a tough outer shell resilient enough to keep the disc protected from all of the wear and tear your spine absorbs year after year.

It's that wear and tear that can lead to a weakening of the outer shell of the disc and the soft rubbery tissue inside can start to bulge out due to injury, old age, overexertion at the spine or a combination of all three. The reason why this condition can be so painful is due to a compression of the nerves around the spine, though not everyone experiences pain or discomfort from a herniated disc. While pain, weakness, a burning sensation in the limbs, and numbness are all typical symptoms of a slipped disc, there are many individuals who find out they've been living pain-free with this condition for weeks, even months.

If you or someone you love might be suffering from the symptoms of a herniated or slipped disc, surgery is not typically required to fix the problem. In most cases application of heat or cold to the affected area can help to relieve the discomfort. Pain medications are also prescribed by medical professionals along with recommendations to take it easy and refrain from strenuous activity.

But these solutions mainly address the symptoms instead of the root cause behind them. That's where chiropractic care can be extremely effective as it does more than mask the problem by reducing the discomfort associated with it, these treatments can also target the reason for the condition and help prevent further damage to the spine and affected disc.

Finding a Chiropractor To Treat Herniated or Slipped Disc

There are many Singaporeans suffering from a herniated disc due to any number of reasons. In most instances, the discomfort of the condition can be felt in other parts of the body from the legs and back to the arms and neck. The goal is to alleviate this pain in the most non-invasive methods possible but doing so with maximum efficacy. Our team of licensed chiropractic practitioners is well-versed in the techniques for adjustment that can bring relief while preserving the condition of the troublesome disc.

Chiropractors treat slipped discs with manual adjustment methods targeting the lumbar spine and the herniated disc. Through these techniques, our team of professionals can promote healing of herniated and prolapsed discs without turning to invasive surgery as a solution.

While a herniated disc can be painful when it slips out of proper alignment, there are other urgent concerns to consider as well. A bulging disc is no longer working correctly because it's not absorbing the necessary nutrients and fluid to keep it healthy. As a result, the disc starts to deteriorate and the breakdown process threatens to damage the disc even further.


A skilled chiropractor can reverse these effects and restore the well-being of the slipped disc. This is accomplished with an exercise regimen tailored to your particular needs alongside a carefully developed set of dietary supplements.

A herniated disc is your body's way of protecting the spinal cord and nerves when a vertebrae is knocked out of alignment. The misalignment of your vertebrae will trigger a disc to slip as a means to keep the vertebrae from becoming further misaligned. While it may seem that a herniated disc is a damaging impact on the health of your spine and body overall, this is actually a means for preventing further damage to your spine and nerves. The latter is especially important because greatly impaired nerves can negatively impact your mobility and other basic bodily functions.

But chiropractic treatments can reduce the risks of long-term nerve and spine damage because our team of experts take a different view of treatment than traditional medical professionals. The chiropractic approach considers the body as one complete interconnected entity instead of various parts and limbs that exhibit separate conditions and symptoms. Chiropractic treatment utilizes a systematic plan that considers the herniated disc and its impact on the entire body.

Beyond that, chiropractic care focuses on nutrition and lifestyle habits to build a wide-ranging treatment regimen that emphasizes stress management, physical conditioning, and changes in diet and lifestyle habits. One slipped disc can have a significant impact on so many other parts of the body. At Light Chiropractic, we work to improve the mind and the body by helping to identify and change bad habits while using manual adjustments to restore mobility and heal the herniated disc that has so drastically affected your quality of life.

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