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Light Chiropractic Success Stories

We are very proud of being able to help our loyal clientele in Singapore living happier, healthier lives. The video above compiles several testimonials showcasing how the right treatment with the right chiropractor can make all the difference. Below are several individual success stories involving everything from pregnancy care to chronic pain relief and meeting with a chiropractor for the first time. Learn how chiropractic care is benefiting others.

Light Chiropractic Review : VALERIE CHAN

First Time Visit

Valerie a Singaporean teacher shares her experience receiving chiropractic care from Light Chiropractic. If you are new to chiropractic and curious about what happens when you see a chiropractor for the first time, this video offers great insight and shows you how a Chiropractic adjustment looks like.  


Condition Treated: Lower Back Pain

New to the world of chiropracic care, Canadian expat, Armandip came to us after experiencing lower back pain caused by a work-related incident. Thanks to some insightful conversations with our chiropractor Dr. Theo Kieu, Armandip was able to come away with a whole new outlook on healthy living.


Condition Treated: Herniated Disc

Our client from Indonesia, Ivan Khriswardi, shares his story of how chiropractic care helped him avoid surgery to cure his herniated disc.


Condition Treated: Difficulty Breathing

Yusuf, a chemical engineer by trade, was having difficulty breathing and looking for a natural solution to the problem. Watch him tell how after finding us online and coming in for just a few sessions made a big difference.


Condition Treated: Structural Correction in Children

Watch wonderful Komathi's journey to chiropractic after giving birth and the amazing surprise she recieved after witnessing the changes in her infant Mathee.


Condition Treated: Joint Dislocation

Thao got into a motorcycle accident that dislocated her clavicle from the shoulder, causing her entire left shoulder to be immobilised and in immense pain. Join her during several sessions with Dr. Theo Kieu as they work together to relieve her shoulder pain and improve mobility.


Condition Treated: Scoliosis

Watch Joyce's inspiring journey from pain to living a higher quality of life thanks to our effective scoliosis treatment therapy.


Condition Treated: Sciatica

Nyo was suffering from sciatica, but with several helpful chiropractic sessions her pain and numbness were soon gone and her sciatica cured.


Condition Treated: Neck Pain

Shahrina suffered an injury from doing Crossfit, resulting in neck discomfort, dizziness, and vertigo. After consulting with several doctors to no avail, she came eto our practice. Thanks to Dr. Theo Kieu's specializing in upper cervical care she was able to make a strong recovery, and now feels better than ever.


Condition Treated: Back Pain

Damon was living through back problems his entire life. During a trip to Singapore and chance visit to our offices, he ended up coming away with "the best chiropractic experience of his life." (His words, not ours.)

Review for Light Chiropractic

Happy and Satisfied Customer

Vince Koh


Condition Treated: Back Pain


I found Light Chiropractic slightly over a month when I was searching for a solution for my youngest son. I read about Atlas adjustments by Dr Theo Kieu. So being rather apprehensive I thought of giving it a try first. To be honest, I have somewhat lost faith in Chiropractors in Singapore before I met Dr Theo. Those that I went to before were either just too eager to get rid of me from their clinic because there were many others waiting in line or they were just not up to it. Put it bluntly, no skill at all.



My first visit to Light Chiropractic involved some scanning of the body using a kind of machine. It was my first time having gone thru such a process but it was informational. Next step was the interview, no need for expensive X-Rays and all that crappy stuffs Chiropractors make you go thru. Then came the adjustments; my first session was light but good. My first Atlas adjustment was an experience, I felt like my nerve or some bone thingy just got aligned from the neck, it felt like something shifted.


My second and subsequent adjustments were more intentional and specific. On my 3rd adjustment, I can already feel that my spine has somewhat straightened and I was able to walk straight without having to force myself. My lower back pain has improved a lot but because it is an old injury you just have to be patient.


He didn't tell me that my lower back injury would take some time to heal. Its just common sense, you don't get healed overnight for anything. In order for the body to heal you have to have a positive mindset. Doctors and healers are just there to give you the extra support.


What I really like about Dr Theo is that he is really very patient with everyone, he doesn't rush his adjustments but rather let you take its time for the body to rest before he performs the next adjustment. It takes about 20 minutes or more for him to complete his adjustments for you. He talks to you and try to make you understand what all the Chiropractic thing is all about. Yes he may cost a bit more but its worth the money. Give it a shot, you will not regret !