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Chiropractic Treatment in Singapore

Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Chiropractic Treatment on Woman

Enjoy pain relief from herniated disc (or "slipped disc") with non surgical chiropractor care.

If you are experiencing pain, numbness, immobility or weakness in the back, neck, hips, arms or legs you may be suffering from a herniated disc, and its related conditions such as sciatica. At Light Chiropractic, we can develop a noninvasive personalized slipped disc treatment to provide pain relief for your symptoms.

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What is a Slipped Disc?

The spinal column is comprised of two major components - a hard bone vertebrae and soft pad-like discs positioned in between them. These discs support and stabilize the vertebrae as the spine shifts and bends with your natural body movements. Each disc has a soft, jelly-like material on the inside (nucleus) and a protective outer shell (annulus).

A herniated disc (also referred to as a bulged, ruptured or slipped disc) occurs when a tear forms in the outer shell allowing the jelly-like interior to push through, placing pressure on (or "pinching") nearby spinal nerves.

What is a herniated disc diagram
Herniated Disc Spine X-Ray

What Causes a Slipped Disc?

A herniated disc is most commonly caused by gradual disc degeneration from aging-related wear and tear. As we age, discs become less flexible and more prone to tearing. A spinal injury, overexertion or combination of the three can also cause a slipped disc. Specific causes include:

  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Being overweight
  • Repetitively bending or twisting the back
  • Sitting or standing in same position for long hours
  • Lack of exercise

Studies have also linked smoking to herniated discs.

Slipped Disc Symptoms

The most common slipped disc symptom is sciatica — a sharp, often shooting pain that extends from the buttocks down the back of one leg. Other symptoms include:

  • Back pain or weakness
  • Neck pain or weakness
  • Pain that extends to the arms and hands
  • Pain when you stand, lift, sit or bend
  • Foot drop (unable to lift front part of your foot)
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control (in rare cases)

While pain, weakness, a burning sensation and numbness are all typical symptoms of a slipped disc, some individuals may not feel any adverse affects.

Woman with Sciatica Slipped Disc Pain

Slipped Disc Treatment

Is Surgery Required?


Surgery is not typically required to fix a herniated disc. In fact, it is best to avoid such drastic measures whenever possible. In most cases applying heat or cold to the affected can help. Pain medications can also be prescribed by medical professionals to relieve the pain. Taking it easy and refraining from strenuous activity are also highly recommended slipped disc treatments.

Please note, these solutions mainly address the symptoms, not the root cause behind them. That's why chiropractic care can be an extremely effective treatment, as it targets the cause, and helps prevent further damage to the spine and affected disc.

Can a Chiropractor Help Your Slipped Disc?

Yes! And in many situations working with an experienced chiropractor can be the best solution.

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to alleviate disc pain in the most non-invasive, natural way possible with maximum efficacy.

While a herniated disc can be painful when it slips out of proper alignment, there are other urgent concerns to consider as well. A bulging disc is no longer working correctly because it's not absorbing the necessary nutrients and fluid to keep it healthy. As a result, the disc starts to deteriorate and the breakdown process threatens to damage the disc even further. A chiropractor can create a treatment program that ensures your discs are aligned properly to reduce deterioration.

Chiropractor Showing Woman Spine Vertebrae Disc Model
Female Singapore Chiropractor Demonstrating Spine Adjustment with Model

Chiropractic Techniques for Slipped Disc Treatment

A skilled chiropractor can reverse a slipped disc. However, it's a misconception that chiropractors "pop a disc back in place" with forceful adjustments. We use gentle movements tailored to your condition.

Flexion-Distraction Technique

A type of pain-free spinal adjustment that reduces pressure on your discs using a specialized table to safely stretch the spine via a gentle pumping rhythm.

Pelvic Blocking Treatments

Using cushioned wedges specially designed for chiropractic use under both sides of your pelvis, we naturally draw your herniated disc away from the affected nerve.

Through these techniques, and others, our team of professionals can promote healing of herniated discs without turning to invasive surgery.

Our Approach to Herniated Discs

We take a different approach than traditional medical professionals. We treat the body as a complete interconnected entity, instead of various parts that exhibit separate conditions and symptoms. One slipped disc can have a significant impact on many other parts of the body. By regarding a herniated disc's impact on the entire body, we can better reduce the risks of long-term nerve and spine damage.

We also go beyond simple chiropractic care, incorporating nutrition and lifestyle habits to build a wide-ranging treatment. At Light Chiropractic, located in Singapore, we improve the mind and body while using manual adjustments to restore herniated disc so you can enjoy an all encompassing higher quality of life.

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