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Is there a governing body in Singapore for Chiropractic?

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The ministry of health does not recognize Chiropractic. In part because Chiropractic is considered a alternative therapy. Rightfully so because Chiropractic is not meant to necessarily treat any problem, it is meant to bring out LIFE, when the body works better you feel better. Chiropractors focus on making the body function better without any supplements, medication or any invasive procedures. Chiropractors in America are accepted at the same level as their medical counterparts. Chiropractic adjustments help the body function better therefore giving you no reason to have symptoms. Chiropractic is not a replacement for Medical doctors, both are meant to play a different role in a person’s health.

There is a Singapore Chiropractic Association that is a private organization which is not appointed by the government. Chiropractors are not required to join this organization. When looking for the right help, it is best to do research and find the right person that can help you based on your needs and values.

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