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What Causes Low Back Pain?


Low back pain is one of the most common conditions suffered by Singaporeans at some point in their life. While the causes for the pain can be as different as the individuals experiencing this type of discomfort, the symptoms are often very similar. Back pain is highly debilitating and it will impact many other parts of the body, resulting in restricted functionality and limited mobility in severe cases. This is a condition that will only continue to worsen if not addressed in a timely manner.

Chiropractic care can be a very effective solution for treating the pain by targeting the root cause and not just the symptoms.

The lower back is prepared to withstand high levels of force and stress. This area of the body combines a series of muscles that are designed to support proper functionality of the spinal column through stabilization and assistance in rotation, extension, and flexibility of the vertebrae.

But when these muscles become misaligned or weakened as a result of strain or injury, even the smallest of movements can cause significant pain and discomfort. Consider how much pressure is placed upon the lower back through the everyday routine movements of the body and the amount of weight carried in that region. It's no wonder this part of the body can become so easily injured.

If you are experiencing sharp pain or a dull ache in the lower back when performing even the simplest of physical actions, you may be suffering from a serious condition that needs urgent treatment.

At Light Chiropractic, we can develop a personalized treatment regimen to relieve your pain.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

The following are just some of the benefits that chiropractic care can offer for patients living with lower back pain:

  • Increased flexibility in the lower back
  • Greater resilience throughout the body
  • Improved functionality of the spine
  • Treatment and prevention of herniated discs
  • Fewer restrictions in movement
  • Reduced or even total elimination of lower back pain
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What are Subluxations?

A subluxation is a misalignment of the vertebrae. When this occurs it can be extremely painful and limit your ability to bend, walk, or simply move without discomfort.
Subluxations are typically located at the base of the lumbar spine, placing undue pressure on the nerves in this area.

Treatment of subluxations requires spinal adjustments and manipulations that a chiropractor will perform to realign the affected vertebra and return the body to spinal column to proper alignment. Our chiropractic team is trained in a wide range of effective techniques for adjustment of subluxations. One of our chiropractors will review your symptoms and diagnose the cause, and devise a treatment plan tailored specifically for your condition. Before any work is performed, the chiropractor will explain which adjustment techniques will be used during the session.

What are Disc Herniations?

The spine is made up of bony vertebrae and soft, rubbery discs located in between for support and to absorb shock and stress.

A disc herniation or slipped disc is a condition centered in one or more of these discs that occurs when the material tissue from the center of the disc begins to bulge through a break in the outer shell of the exterior.

As a result, the herniation can start to press against the nerves surrounding the spine causing mild or extreme pain, numbness, weakness, or a burning sensation in the arms, legs, and the lower back. However, not everyone experiences these symptoms from a herniation of the disc and many individuals might live with a disc herniation without even realizing it.

While a herniated disc does not often require surgery, chiropractic treatment can be very useful in relieving symptoms and prevent further deterioration of this common condition.

Visual Illustration of Common Spinal Deformities

Chiropractic adjustments can relieve many spinal conditions but it's important that you have this work performed at the first signs of a problem. Pain and discomfort are typically the initial indication of a spinal issue along with restriction of movement and reduced mobility. Whatever the cause may be, you can be sure the affected portion of the spine will degenerate enough to require surgery.

Chiropractic care can alleviate many issues to correct the problem and prevent degeneration. This illustration shows some examples of the most common spinal conditions that cause lower back pain.


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